Response to the BSA Policy Change

Here is the official response from the Archdiocese of Saint Louis and its Office of Catholic Scouting regarding the National Boy Scouts of America policy change that took place May 23, 2013:

The Archdiocese of St. Louis takes Catholic faith and formation of young people very seriously. The decision of BSA regarding youth and same-sex attraction does not change our responsibility to uphold the truths of our faith and to offer faith-formation programs based on those truths, which we will continue to do.

As Catholics, we believe that a proper understanding of Theology of the Body, as taught by Pope John Paul II, offers truth about the beauty and sanctity of human sexuality. We welcome opportunities to proclaim the Gospel call to conversion. We agree with Pope Emeritus Benedict when he said, "Every human being is loved by God the Father. No one need feel forgotten, for every name is written in the Lord’s loving heart."

We encourage Catholics and all people of faith to treat one another with respect, dignity and love and to pray for our culture.

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