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If you are looking for someone to say a prayer for, please read below and say a few prayers for those requesting them!

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Father God,smile upon   our son.  heal and restore his faith,confidence& relationship. keep him in  harmonize condition,erase his misunderstandings, help us respectfully communicate and listen to one another. Please help us to be kind and loving and good team parents. In Jesus Christ's name, amen

deliverance healing protection and blessing of sister josephine

please pray for deliverance healing protection and blessing of my sister Josephine, Lourdes, Linus & Peter;  also for son Alroyd left catholic faith, his moslem wife Shaista & 3 kids aamena, zara and Mahanoor and Zarka and their grand parents with whom they are living with; that being jobless and lost many jobs, Alroyd is blessed with a secured job so that he can tide over his desperate financial crisis and returns to the catholic faith with entire family and gets a home of their own. Amen

Prayer request

Pray for relief from pain in my husband's feet due to neuropathy. Return my son to the church

Prayers needed for 16-yr-old scout who's stopped going to Mass

My nephew George --a lovely young 16-yr-old who through his 8th grade year understood and appeared to value Mass and Eucharistic Adoration -- has recently stopped attending Mass.  Becuase I am an out-of-town aunt, I don't have all the information about why this has occurred and why his parents are not more concerned, but I am greatly saddened and would very much appreciate your prayers for George and for ME, that I might find a kind but purposeful way to re-encourage him in his faith.  I also understand that one of the best "encouragers" would be for me to be joyous about my faith -- and I am!

George attended a scout camp at the famous New Mexico camp in August and he is actively pursuing the Eagle Scout award; he is also an excellent student.  There are so many strengths -- but your prayers would be so appreciated, that he might rediscover God's love for him with great joy!    

Thank you so much!




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