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Communication to all Pastors and Girl Scout Coordinators in the Archdiocese of St. Louis about our relationship with our local Girl Scout Council of Eastern Missouri.

In May we sent a letter to all the Pastors and Girl Scout Coordinators in the Archdiocese of St. Louis regarding the issues surrounding the GSUSA , WAGGS and Planned Parenthood. 



National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry and Girl Scouts of USA Position



Scouting is Youth Ministry

The complex world of the 20th century, with its emphasis on instant answers and high technology, has had a devastating effect on our young people. Working mothers, single-parent families, and the difficulties of maintaining family life all add to the problem. The suicide rate among teenagers is the highest of any age group, and you will find drugs and alcohol prevalent even among preteens. It is no wonder that young people wander about in search of something to hang on to, someone to trust and in whom to confide. They have difficulty finding God, because there is no one to show them the way.

How significant it is, therefore, that the latest revisions of the Boy Scout Handbook have restored the emphasis on duty to God in its pages. For, while the charter of the Boy Scouts of America has always had a religious principle, it was not always obvious to the individual youth in the unit.

In recent years, as the Catholic Church developed its apostolate to youth more fully, it became known as youth ministry. Scouting is a significant part of this ministry...


Catholic Committee on Girl Scouts

The Catholic Committee on Girl Scouts was formed in the 1950's to oversee the development of a spiritual presence in the activities of the Girl Scout programs. The St. Louis Archdiocese, through its parishes and schools, is the largest single sponsor of Scouts in the St. Louis area. The Catholic Committee is a group of people, lay and religious who believe that the scouting is a viable form of youth ministry with the Catholic church. Youth in scouting should be helped with their spiritual citizenship as well as their earthly citizenship. Most of the members are active in scouting in other way, but they have dedicated themselves to this extra effort. We are always looking for new members, don't hesitate to offer your services. An extra mind, fresh ideas and pair of hands can really make a difference.  We meet four times a year at the Cardinal Rigali Center at 7:00 p.m.

Come to our meetings or call to learn more about who we are and what we do! I

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National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, participate in the mission of the Catholic Church by advocating for and supporting Catholic youth ministry on the national, diocesan, and local level. As a professional organization of affiliated dioceses and collaborating members, we: advocate for the role and needs of young people in the Church and in society and promote the role of the Church and the Gospel in the lives of young people, promote a comprehensive approach to youth ministry as articulated in Renewing the Vision, provide leadership, resources, services, and conferences for the education and formation of diocesan leaders, youth ministers, and young people, support diocesan youth ministry leaders and collaborating members, dialogue and collaborate with the U.S. Catholic Bishops and national leadership organizations for the promotion of youth ministry and the professional development of church leaders. In response to the Gospel, and in pursuit of our mission and vision, we act in accord with these values:  the dignity and giftedness of each person, the baptismal call of each person to discipleship and ministry,  the gifts and charisma of young people, the richness of diversity, the challenge of justice and peace, the wisdom of shared leadership.

The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) seeks to foster
positive and value-centered programs for Catholic youth. Girl Scouts of the USA and Camp Fire USA are commended for their continued commitment to the faith development of youth in their programs.

Blessing of Scouts

About the Blessing

This blessing may be used to bless all scouts and scout leaders or personalized for use with Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Camp Fire Boys and Girls. It is recommended that the blessing be used on or near Scout Sunday (celebrated on the first Sunday in February for Boy Scouts and the first Sunday in March for Girls Scouts).

Ideas for Integrating Scouts into the Worship Service

Scouts should be instructed to wear their uniforms and sit in a reserved section during the Mass(es) in which the blessing is to be used. Scouts can also be invited to assist with the liturgy by serving as ministers of hospitality, ushers, as well as bringing up the gifts, serving as lectors and altar servers. Scouts also may write and read the general intercessions.

Scouts earning Catholic emblems or medals during the past year may be called forward to have these re-presented by the presider or scout leader(s). Invite the scout groups to put a table or photo collage of their work and ministry in the entrance area, focusing on how scouting assists young people in their faith journey.

Blessing of Scouts

Almighty God,
Bless these young people who have committed themselves
to the pursuit of Scouting (Camp Fire).
Allow their minds to be broadened,
their hopes to be raised,
and their futures filled with promise
as they grow in knowledge and wisdom through Scouting (Camp Fire).
As they learn more about you and your ways,
may they be inspired to reach out in service
to all in need as they strive to become disciples
in our world today.
May all their efforts guide each of them
to know, to love, and to serve you
now and throughout their lives.
We ask this blessing through Jesus Christ,
Our risen Lord and Savior.

Download the Blessing of Scouts PDF (from the NFCYM website)



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