Exploring our Faith Vol. I - Scouting Oaths Part VIII – “duty to self”

This will be my last reflection on Scouting Oaths. I must admit that when I sat down to write this one that I was caught off guard by the fact that the Girl Scout Promise does not say something directly about one’s duty to oneself but it is a part of the Girl Scout Law. Talking about duty to oneself, I am drawn to a book by Henri Nouwen called Reaching Out.

The first section of this book deals with the difference between loneliness and solitude.   The premise is that a person can is lonely when he or she is not happy with who they are and a person is living in solitude when a person is comfortable with who they are. For Henri Nouwen it is only by moving from loneliness to solitude from self-hate to self-acceptance does one become able to help others and form a proper relationship with God.
The Boy Scout Oath suggests three areas of personal growth. A scout is to keep himself physically strong. This is so important because our body and soul are connected. He is to keep himself mentally awake for as a person maturing it is important to never stop learning and to always be aware of one surrounding. Finally a scout is to keep himself morally straight. A moral life is not living a life of don’ts but rather is living a life of virtues.