St. Anne CCGF Adult Award

Catholic Scouting Award

Catholic Adult Recognition

There are awards for adults too. Adults who work tirelessly and without pay to mentor young people deserve special acknowledgement as well. These recognitions are not given based upon completion of a program, but are awarded by the diocese to adults who model the highest ideals for young people.


What: The highest recognition for adults who serve Catholic youth through Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls, Camp Fire and other programs for girls' formation. Awards are presented each year at the Cathedral Basilica during a prayer service on Presentation Sunday or at your local parish services. Award recipients are notified by mail.


When: This program was inaugurated in 1957 and redesigned in 1980.


Who: Adult religious moderators.


The Purpose: To honor the outstanding services of adults who contribute to the spiritual development of Catholic young people in these organizations. Also, the purpose is to further Catholic adult leadership in youth ministry through these national youth-serving organizations.


Contact Information:

Office of Youth Ministry

20 Archbishop May Drive

St. Louis, Missouri 63119. 


All applications are due February 23.

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