Marian Activity and Patch Series

Catholic Scouting Award

The National Catholic Committee on Scouting's Activities Committee announced a new patch activity called the "Marian Activity and Patch Series" during their annual meeting in 2013. The new Marian program is a religious activity program that encourages youth to learn about several apparitions of Mary, the Mother of God.

The goal of this activity is to honor Mary, the Mother of God. The Church calendar for the United States includes nineteen different Marian feasts or commemorations. By focusing on these different Marian feasts, the activities and patches in this series will shed light on how and why the Church has honored the humble Virgin of Nazareth for more than 2,000 years.

First Activity/Patch Added May 2013- Our Lady of Guadalupe

The goal of these activities is to share the lives of several saints so that the youth might relate to what these people have done and maybe look to these individuals as role models.

Our Lady of Guadalupe on the NCCS-BSA website